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Long live Lancelot

August 28, 2009

Laura vs. Ted. The foreign correspondent Steven de Foer reacted somewhat sarcastic in this Friday morning news programme Dit is de dag. It was his slot to discuss the week’s foreign events. So, he was asked about the impact of Ted Kennedy’s death.

His sharp remark that Kennedy got nearly as much attention as Laura did, got a chuckle from both the presenter and me, the listener.

He brought the news somewhat back in perspective for me. Though I can’t but agree with his witty view; I hope to convince you (and possibly him) that there’s not much difference between Ted Kennedy and Laura Dekker. Apart from their age, that is.

Laura Dekker lost in court today. Yes, I’m disappointed. But on the other hand, I’m also glad the judge didn’t completely write her off the way Child Care pleaded for. The judge created a comprise. Laura will remain in her parents’ custody, while her situation is evaluated.

What’s so attractive about this girl and Ted Kennedy as news items, is that both deal with basic emotions. Here we have two people, who against the odds, fight the system. It’s romantic. And (deepdown) we all dream of this. At least, that’s why I rooted for the girl (Purple Crocodile) and I’m impressed to the bone by Kennedy.

Like with the girl, I got Kennedy’s story presented to me in media snippets. I watched the highlights and the mini background pieces. And stood there in my living room, thinking that for one who started out the way Kennedy did —rich, spoiled and a playboy— he didn’t do too bad.

I listened to what esteemed friends had to say about him, including President Obama. Yes. People are usually very eloquent about you, when you’re dead. Yet I couldn’t help feeling, “Gosh… I hope someone talks about me like that when I’m gone…”

Kennedy made a difference. That’s evident. He believed in fighting for a fair system. For all. So he went against the grain, giving his opponents a hard time. Yet his big talent lay in the fact that he also knew when to reach out to the other man.

I found this inspiring. Knowing that I can never leave such a large footprint, I can still make a tiny print in the small world around me.

Steven de Foer is right. The world’s upside down, when we’re equally fascinated with a 13 year old, who still has to make her mark; compared to an established figure as Ted Kennedy, who’s left a gaping void with his passing.

The only explanation I can think of is like I said earlier, they are fighters. They are both Lancelots. Minus the cheating part.

Ted Kennedy is gone. His legacy and the example he set, remains. I know Laura’s only 13. No one can deny though, she’s a remarkable 13 year old, strong of character and own will. I haven’t a single clue in what kind of woman she’ll blossom to.

But with one Lancelot gone, I’m hoping she’ll grow up to be this amazing woman, who uses her talents well. One who doesn’t comply with the system for the system’s sake.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Court will not let Child Care stifle this Lancelot.

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