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Looking for Prince Calling

February 14, 2012

An old colleague of mine had a tear-off block calendar hanging on the wall, next to the door. It was one of those with an inspirational quote for each day. And whenever I’d walk into his office, I’d take a peak. Well, one day one wise quote read something like:

One who is in constant pursuit of Bliss will invariably be lacking in Happiness.

Knight in Shining Armour

When I was a very young teenager, I’d sneak away to some remote part of the house. This was usually our backyard, where I could safely hide away from our mother’s stern eyes. Then I’d take out some graphic romantic novel I’d been saving.

In Pursuit of Everything Perfect
In Pursuit of Everything Perfect

Our mother didn’t quite approve of pulp fiction for the pubescent mind; so I’d always feel a bit anxious during my secretive reads. Being a curious teenager though, I thought it was well worth the risk.

Sitting on the backdoor stoop, I’d gorge on these romances. One after the other after the other. The love stories were simplistic —of course; but oh so very soothing and escapist.

The men were forever ruggedly handsome, muscular and broad-shouldered. And in the end they’d always save the leading lady with one single strong swoop.

Yes; the stories were unrealistic.
And yes; love doesn’t really work that way.
But be honest; who cares?

Those simple two cents romantic novels made me feel good knowing that there’s some perfectly beautiful dream man out there; who’d step up and ‘save me’ in one single strong swoop —if ever I needed saving. My very own Prince Charming.

Picture Perfect Workplace

Come April, I’d be on the job-market for about a year. While job-hunting, I also spend lots of time reading up on career sites. And guess what? They paint a picture of the modern day employer and ditto work place, prettier than those old graphic romantic novels could ever do Prince Charming.

Again I read and gorge myself on every word. In my mind’s eye I see my future workplace. It’s dynamic. It’s bustling. The spacious and airy office is decorated in lively colours. There are lots of plants about and broad high open windows letting in lots of daylight and a wonderful view.

My colleagues are all cordial and gorgeous cosmopolitans —of course. There are high-end suits walking about as well as ‘simple’ tees and jeans. Looking around me, I further see baby boomer hippies with their greying locks in a ponytail; MTV pinups with perfect make-up and arty attire; and as expected generation digital with their gadgets practically ingrown as body parts.

Don’t even get me started on the working conditions. My dream employer favours autonomy and natural collaboration. There are no boundaries. Literally and figuratively. And yes, IT support is state of the art. Co-workers are encouraged to use (social) media networks as much as possible to achieve the best results in their work.

All look, feel and work well together like a perfectly tuned piano. This melting-pot of various experience levels, cultural backgrounds and generations; we rub off each other.

We learn together; we grow together. And with us the company learns and grows too.

Keeping the Faith

Then I open my eyes… To employers who evidently don’t read the same career articles I do and who —in an industrial age manner— act as if it’s business as usual. Totally oblivious that we’ve long gone entered the 21st century; and that it’s a global, digital and mobile one. With a generational twist. Where are these visionary employers the experts keep talking about?

An acquaintance recently asked me why I was still single. I answered, “I’m an incurable romantic. I like falling in love. Over and over and over and over again.” Should you ask me why am I still out of a job and why am I still hunting down my calling and my dream employer, my answer will be: “I’m an incurable romantic…” Ah well, you get the picture.

(Source image used: Wikimedia Commons)

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